Schutter (Malaysia) is a third party inspection that offers a variety of services to the automotive industries. These services include inspections, data collections, claims handling, damage appraisals, as well as comprehensive reporting for damage prevention analysis. We also an expertise in automobile inspections, customized reporting and pro-active data analysis.

Our customers include automotive manufacturers, transportation companies, insurance companies, importers and distributors. Schutter (Malaysia) offers survey services to the automobile industry, verifying the condition of Ro/Ro cargo, new or used import and export automobiles, which are subject to exterior and visual inspection including inventory control, with the purpose of reporting damages and conditions as well as missing items upon the transportation, among others.

Our inspectors qualified by intensive training programmes to perform different type of survey services. All inspections are carried out independently, professionally and in accordance with high quality standards, fulfilling all criteria of car manufacturer’s requirements, car manufacturer’s liability standards and customer’s needs and requirement.

Enhance road safety and environmental protection

Many countries insist that motor vehicles comply with national environmental and safety standards. Governments are now becoming more focused on implementing legislation to reduce road accidents and the environmental impact of non-compliant vehicles. It is widely accepted that vehicles should be subject to regular technical inspection at pre-set intervals throughout their life.

AIS is a technical inspection service for vehicles. It is performed in accordance with national legislation/regulation and international standards for environmental protection. AIS is essential for countries who wish to ensure that vehicles being used on their roads comply with the national regulations and any other required national standard. AIS may also be used to control the safety and compliance of imported used vehicles.

  • Check vehicle conformity
  • Improve quality of imported vehicles
  • Reduce the fatality rate from road accidents and related public safety costs
  • Improve the general level of roadworthiness of all vehicles
  • Strengthen road safety and consumer protection
  • More efficient control of imported vehicles and technical inspection of domestic fleet

Type of survey services provided by Schutter (Malaysia) includes the following:

  • Pre-Load and Post-Discharge Inspection
  • General Condition and Quantity Inspections
  • Survey and Supervision On-Board Car Carriers