These surveys are not all that common and are requested:

  1. By a P & I club when it requires a report on the condition of the vessel prior to deciding whether or not to accept registration from an owner, or
  2. A prospective owner before tendering for a second-hand vessel.

It is a very detailed survey that often has to be done while a ship is loading or discharging and consequently time is limited. In addition, some compartments may be full of cargo or ballast and thus cannot be inspected. The surveyor must, however, obtain as much information and inspect as much of the ship as is possible.
This report should include all the following information and give a description of the general condition and state of maintenance of the various areas.

A brief description of the vessel, including:

  1. Name (and previous names) of the vessel
  2. When and where built
  3. The general condition and state of maintenance of the vessel
  4. Name of owner (and disponent owner if applicable)
  5. Name of Master and Chief Engineer
  6. Any other relevant information obtained.